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Improve city government for the people of Sacramento

An effort to modernize Sacramento’s charter

Sacramento Tomorrow wants voters to consider elevating city governance to realize the economic development opportunities that are just around the corner.

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Sacramento Tomorrow continues to seek public input and has drafted a proposal to reform the Sacramento City Charter, creating newly defined roles for the Mayor and City Council. If successful, Sacramento Tomorrow's efforts will allow voters to address the issue next year.

Sacramento Tomorrow is guided by over twenty community leaders who have worked to translate a set of principles into a concrete proposal to separate the Mayor from the City Council, carefully defining the authority of each.

A city structure dividing roles between two equal branches, allowing leaders to lead with accountability, will ensure we continue to attract can-do candidates to match Sacramento’s growing economic opportunities. Read more.

Sacramento Tomorrow is a community driven effort to make sure city government keeps pace with our exciting future.

Funding to help with our outreach is being provided by supporters of our effort.

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